Pony Or Bust

blouse: Old Navy     jeans: Ann Taylor Loft   boots: Dolce Vita (here)

Can I just tell you how much of an ordeal it was to keep this shirt white all day (totally worth feeling like a bohemian goddess though). I feel like wonder woman. We went to a fair with greasy food and snow cones and ice cream and other than a shoe mark from giving her a ride on my shoulders I remained unscathed. Wonder woman status ladies. I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Mine was full of a country fair to remind me that even though I should be over it I totally still want a pony, maybe I could be talked into settling for a pygmy goat....maybe. And a shopping trip babyless, which felt equivalent to the Bahamas. Hey, you've gotta take what you can get.


Baby Bumpdate| Week 20

DRESS|Motherhood Maternity| find it here|BUMPDATE |WEEK 20|
First things first I feel like week 20 I absolutely exploded. Like I went from, did you eat too much for lunch to looking like I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I have no idea how this happened overnight but shiz just got real.How Far Along? 20 weeks Weight Gain? Can we just not go there, did I mention my stomach EXPLODED! Maternity Clothes?Yup, check and check. Up until now I've been able to wear my really stretchy jeans and looser tops but definitely not anymore. See explosion above. Sleep? I'm practically cat status. I go to bed ridiculously early and if I don't have a nap sometime during the day I feel completely delirious. This whole chasing around a toddler things wears.me.out. I'm just basking in the glory of all of my sleep right now though and refusing to feel lazy because well you know, newborn stage is brutal. Best moment this week?  Our after dinner time with Joc is the sweetest. We play hide and go seek and run in circles and sing songs. She's just so much fun and it feels so strange that we won't be the three musketeers for much longer. I'm hoping hoping hoping that Joc will be okay with the new baby, I've heard some horror stories.Weird pregnancy moment?  I'm just going to be honest here, things are more, shall I say, more mushy this time around. he...he. And Joc is pretty convinced that I'm just a big 'ol tub a lard. She told me this week, "Mommy big" and then patted my belly and I laughed...and then  died inside. Movement?I'm starting to be able to really feel the baby kick really strong, I've been able to feel it kick for a while now but now this baby is making a serious debut and for some reason that always makes things so much more real for me Food Cravings: For right now I don't have any huge cravings. I mean carbs and cookies but is that really any different from when I'm not pregnant?! I'm trying to be more fit this time around and have been making it to the gym around three times a week and I feel a major difference so far. I'm sleeping so well and just feel stronger in general which this time around is helping so much because I'm feeling so much bigger fasterGender? We are finding out this Thursday!! Eeeeeeee!What I'm looking forward to? Did I tell you yet that we're finding out Thursday?!?! Eeeeeee! Nesting is my jam you guys. The prep of bringing that little bundle home is so sweet and special and I can't wait to get at it again!D


At Home Airbrush Makeup| Does It Really Work?

The illusive airbrush makeup application has been made more accessible recently so I wanted to give you guys an up close (maybe a little too upclose?) and personal demo on using it and if it really works. I tested out the Luminess Airbrush Makeup System and am showing you guys all the dirty deets:)

Here is also a 20% off code for those of you that want to test out the Airbrush sytem!
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