6 Sales You MUST Shop Right Now

I'm always here to help a sista out, you know I love sales, you guys, you know this. Here are a few sales that I just can't stop clicking between I mean HOW many times to I need to go from tab to tab before I just decide to buy these already!!

1. Oui Oui Top (On sale at Nordstrom for $20)
2. Secret Garden Calendar ($13 at Rifle Paper Co.)
3. IID Makeup Palette (Haven't tried it but would LOVE to, I've heard good things about the reformulation. It's on sale at Brickyard Buffalo right now)
4. Salt Water Sandals (On sale for $29 at Brickyard Buffalo)
5. Black Maxi (On sale at HandM for $10)
6. Live Simply Print (On sale at The Painted Arrow for $5)

Just A Few More

 ^^It's so sweet getting to see family fall in love with our little Jocy.
^^These cousins are just three days apart. Best friends in the making right here:)
^^Jocy's first time at the beach. Okay so it doesn't look like it but she actually really liked getting her feet dipped in the water.
 ^^I told you she loved it.

A 'Lil Video

We just got back from Jocelyn's first trip away from home and it was SOOO good to see family in California. She was not lacking in the kisses and cuddles department this week.

If we're being real here though, yes it was so great to see family but traveling alone with a new baby is HARD. Okay maybe not hard for everyone but traveling alone with a baby that doesn't feed well (hunger strikes galore!!!) and goes from 0-10 in a half a second is hard. I haven't posted about it on here but Jocelyn hasn't been a good eater from day one, it's a daily battle STILL (do you want to hear more about it? I figure no one wants to know THAT much detail but hey if the info could help a momma out there that feels like she's going to lose her mind then I'm all for it) anyways, I thought we could handle it, turns out we could, but that it was just ridiculously stressful for the both of us. All of our trips out were 30 minutes or less for the most part, by some miracle she made it 3 hours at the beach??? but we did our best to enjoy the happy moments that we could. We sure do love our family and getting to spend two weeks with them was such a treat. Thanks for having us California!

The Many Faces Of Jocelyn

She's deep unto an ocean. So complex I tell you what. And so I give to you my friends, the many faces of Jocelyn. How the heck is this girl 12 weeks old already?!

It has been a whirl wind I'll tell you that much. Other than the fact that now by three months my hair is falling out in the handfulls, my pre-pubescent acne has conquered any leftovers of my "glow" (I'm still not convinced that glow even existed, I'm pretty sure it was just sweat because I was hot all.theeee.time)  and I'm STILL not fitting into half of my closet like I thought I would (these things take time, but patience my friends is not one of my virtues), yes other than THAT, it has been amazing.

I have to say that 3 months is kind of my jam. I feel like I woke up one morning and she just had this huge personality. She's as sweet as the dickens this one, her little eyes turn into squinty half moons with one look in her direction. If waking up to this one doesn't start your day off right I don't know what could. She gives me a cry that sounds like, "MA HEY MA, I'M ANNOYED BUT NOT IN TROUBLE!" and I mosey over to her crib and she's just there with this full grin on her face, just smiling to herself and giggling as she sucks on her fists. I die of cuteness everytime!!

She will give anyone and everyone a big 'ol cheesy grin but I tell you what, this girl wants it her way. And when she demands to have it her way I tell her to go to McDonalds instead (I kid I kid) but lemme tell you if you don't do something just to her liking she will let you know. Didn't get her the sweet nectar in time, she'll let you know. Didn't get to her fast enough in the morning, laid her down instead of sitting her up to see the world, this girl will WAIL. I mean there's practically slave labor going on over here. But for some reason when you're a mom when they say jump, you say, would you like that on one leg, or would it make you happier if I jumped while singing patty cake. You would do anything for those baby blues ya know. So here's to my Jocey, for wrapping me around her slave driving whip and somehow making me love it at the same time:)

5 Baby Items You Don't Need

So last week when I shared a few of my favorite baby products I was asked if there were any products that I really didn't use. Yes and YES. Holy cow, I feel like with baby products they make you think that you need everything and that it has to be the best and most expensive thing out there. So not true. Here are a few things that we totally didn't need and what we use instead of them.

||1. Baby bath|| We live in an apartment and so we wanted to stay away from having a ton of huge baby items that we had to store. I'm so glad that we didn't get a baby tub. Instead I would go for either a baby bath sponge or a folding mat, we just slip it into our sink and then fold it up when we're done. They are both super inexpensive and can be stored extremely easily.

||2. Wipes Warmer|| I had quite a few people swear by their wipes warmer to me and so we ended up getting one but guess what, warm things make babies pee...on you. Every time I changed Jocelyn's diapers she would pee on me when I used warm wipes, I couldn't figure out what it was until we had to switch wipes because she was so sensitive. When we started using cold ones it magically stopped. So yes, wipe warmers made the whole diaper experience way more difficult then it needed to be.

||3. Diaper Genie|| My sis in law passed this little piece of info on to me and I am SO GLAD she did. Instead of paying tons of money for the dumb diaper genie refills we just use good 'ol zip loc bags to put the diapers in. No smell and no expensive refills!

||4. Bassinet|| Matt and I got a little Pack n' Play bassinett and I really regret it because in the beginning weeks when she was getting up every hour I had to get out of bed to even really see her because the bassinett had deep sides that I couldn't see into. Instead looking back I would do a co sleeper like this or something like this that can be moved around really easily.

||5. Changing table||  I looked at a ton of nursery furniture when I was decorating and they are all so overpriced. Instead of getting a changing table I repainted a dresser that I found at a thrift store and then put a $20 changing pad on top of it. It works perfect, I have all of her clothes right underneath for blowouts (because lets be real that happens like at least twice a day) and all of her changing stuff on the top and it only cost me $40!!

***okay so I just though of one more that's not in the pic above. I would totally skip out on a monitor. For me at least I got serious mommy radar after I had Jocelyn and I can hear her little grunts before she even starts to cry from our bedroom at night. If I had a monitor too I might lose my mind. She's always close enough for me to hear really well and I had no idea how easily I got accustomed to being tuned in to her. So yes, monitor is a no go for us:)

One Of Those Weekends

This weekend was one of those weekends that keeps you smiling during the week. We went to a tulip festival, had some good eats and then celebrated Easter. It's crazy how with a baby going out into the world takes on a whole new meaning. Going to the tulip festival worked out perfect, we weren't in any kind of rush so we just left when Jocelyn started napping and then stayed there until she woke up. But church was a total failure. Right when we needed to be at church Jocelyn needed to eat, so she was just crying until we pulled up to the building, we were so frazzled that she got to church in her sleeper and didn't even make it into a dress.Once we got there Matt got to go in to the meeting while I just sat in the bathroom and fed Jocelyn, to which she squirmed and kicked the whole time because she was under a nursing cover and didn't know what the heck was going on. I just stared at the other moms like, "She never does this.ha." Finally after fighting the battle for 40 minutes I grabbed Matt and told him we had to go home so Jocelyn could eat. And there you have it, that was our first week back to church. If I've learned anything since having Jocelyn though it's that you just have to keep trying. Try over...and over....and over again until eventually things work. So we'll try again next week, and hopefully this time we'll all be fully clothed:)

My 5 Essential Baby Products

So over the past weeks I have realized that there are some things that I bought that were a total waste of money. It's kind of depressing really. But then there are a few products that have completely saved my life and I wanted to share a few of them with you!

||1 Bag Balm|| So Jocelyn has the most sensitive bum in THEEE entire world. I'm talking welts and blisters that would not go away no matter what I tried. I tried Decitin, Butt Paste, Mustela, Balmex...seriously there's just an entire full of diaper rash creams that didn't work just sitting there all full and useless. This has been the only one that works and that continues to work. I don't go a single diaper change without it. I got mine at Walgreens but you can also find it on Amazon here.

||2 Honest Company Baby Wipes|| See above for horrifically sensitive bum explanation. Should we talk about Jocelyn's bum some more...oh the humanity!! The alcohol in all the other brands of wipes completely irritated the rash and prevented it from healing too. It was only when I combined these wipes with the Bag Balm that the rash finally went away. You can find them here.

|| 3 Woombie|| So I first tried this when Jocelyn was a day old and it was a total joke, she was way too little for it, she first slept on and off for sometimes only fifteen minutes at a time so putting her in this was a nightmare. But when she started to sleep longer stretches at night I started using this only for night time and it increased the amount of time that she slept at night by 3 hours. You guys, three precious hours. That's like years in newborn time. Anyways, it keeps them tight in a swaddle while they sleep so that their startle reflex doesn't wake them up. It.is.a.game.changer. You can buy it here.

|| 4 Solly Baby Wrap|| There are just times when Jocelyn won't stop crying unless I'm holding her. And holy crap it seems impossible to get things done. I got this wrap and put her in it and she passes out and then I can get things done!! Can I get a what what for actually being able to function!! You can buy it here.

|| 5 Lansinoh Nursing Pads|| I got a ton of washable nursing pads before I had Jocelyn but the second I started actually nursing I realized just how much I needed to change the nursing pads and I would have to wash them once a day if I wanted to be able to use them, so HELLO disposable pads. They are my best friends. I never leave the house without a stash in my bag. You can find them pretty much anywhere or you can get them online here.

Are there any baby products that you swear by?! Because I am willing to pay you in brownies for some good 'ol mama knowledge:)