Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Tree A Tree!

The moon and the warm weather told us to go find a tree.
So we did.

Merry Christmas To All - A Christmas Printable!!

Christmas season is just infectious isn't it, it leaves me feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy. So I wanted to pass on the warm and fuzzies to you! I painted this the other night for my Christmas wall and was immediately thinking, I need to sell this!! And you know usually Christmas prints are like $10 and what not and I can just never work up the gusto to actually buy them and so I thought, What if I sold my artwork for something stupid like $1.00 (cuz mama's still gotta pay the bills with her skillz) just to spread a bit of Christmas cheer. 
So here you go, you can buy this print here for a buck and I'll email you the print for your personal use!! 
Wahhoooooooooo, what do you think? If you like the idea please let me know because I have plenty more prints I would love to do this with if you're interested!

* Oh and please no sharing the image I send you, please keep the warm fuzzies I'm giving you for your personal use only. And if you do choose to post it online please credit me back. Thanks a bunch:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Buffalo CHECK!

coat: c/o OASAP (buy it here)  jeans: JcPenney (buy them here, they are the softest ever)  shoes: Nordstrom sweater: target   mittens: target   head wrap: F21

This outfit is adorable, I mean I think it is. My taste is questionable these days, I also think shirts without spit up on them are practically coutour. That being said five minutes into wearing it Joc had turned my hair into a ratty mess with the usual sucking/pulling/ripping out fistfulls. My jeans had applesauce flung all over them and I was like f with these mittens, ain't nobody got time for that. But this coat, oh this coat feels just like one of your super soft blankets and the more you snuggle in it the better it looks. So I wrapped myself up in it and got in my pj's and called it a day. People keep telling me that she'll grow out of the hair pulling but um....hi...I'M WAITING!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving In Cali

 Would you believe it, for our big Thanksgiving trip I didn't take a single picture on Thanksgiving day...but I did capture a lot of McCammon family goodness. It was so fun to have the entire family together this year. After part of the family moved to Japan and another part moved to Oregon it has been hard to get us all under the same roof at the same time, so this was definitely a treat for us to spend the entire week together.
    ^^ A bonfire complete with smores!

    ^^ And spoooky stories (but not too spooky of course, we keep it kid friendly up in here)

    ^^ Lot's of time for Matt to tease the little ones
    ^^ Apparently this ghost story was not a crowd pleaser
    ^^ Why are the little ones always the best at bowling...ah yes bumpers!!
    ^^ Jocelyn bowled a 300, hence the smile, duh.
    ^^ We really like bowling okay.
^^ Joc loved to wave to her cousin, and she was so pleased with herself when Eli clapped everytime she did it:)
    ^^ A nice little hike and snacks
    ^^ At the zoo getting a groundhogs view
    ^^ And what is a zoo without a couple of goats to befriend
    ^^ If you look real hard you can see her two front teeth, I DIE!!
    ^^ She's skeptical but I know she secretly loved it.
   ^^And I leave you with a goat in a bucket, because really how else could I leave you.

Monday, November 17, 2014

How Sarah Got Her Groove Back

I'm wearing: scarf: No Two Fish  sweater: Target     jeans: Mother   shoes: Call It Spring
Jocelyn's wearing: jeans:Target  Coat: Baby Zara   hat: Baby Zara   shoes: Freshly Picked

The other night I was texting my friend outfit know those times that you just need a second opinion on your crazy-a outfits that are fugly and you just need someone to tell you to never wear that again. Anyways, I was sending her pictures of said ugly outfit and joking about how I needed to go back to my fashion blogging because I was losing any sense of style I once had. She told me that if I do, I needed to name it How Sarah Got Her Groove Back. And besides the fact that it is a brilliant name, thanks April:) I realized that it was so true, I desperately need to get my groove back. I had a baby, wore nothing but shirts with spit up on them and leggings for like six months and felt like junk, partly because I looked like junk and partly because I am still struggling to figure out my self worth in all of this motherhood/giving everything you have to someone else and forgetting you even exist/isolation chamber business. Long story short, I don't want to feel like junk anymore, and while I need to focus on the deeper issue WAY more, dressing nice is my shallow way to help me on my path. And I'm cool with that. So fashion blogging is back, I have no idea how often, but it's officially back...and Sarah is indeed getting her groove back and also speaking in the third person right now.
Also. Video of said clothes because YouTube is my addiction!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Empty Products #1

It's time to go through all of the beauty products that I've emptied out lately! I have some serious keepers in this pile!

Monday, October 27, 2014

VLOG| Our Fall Weekend

My mom came into town so we tried to cram in as many fall festivities as possible. It is fah reals my absolute favorite time of the year. Everything around you is bright and beautiful, things are starting to feel cozy and hellooooo SOUP!!! This weekend felt like a big fat HELLLOOOO FALL!