Mar 7, 2012

Free People DIY. Let's Save $448 Shall We?

I saw this necklace at Free People for $458.....I'm sorry but who in their right mind pays $458 for a trendy arrow necklace. I mean it's awesome, but I mourn the sugar daddy that has to foot that bill, ya know! Yell "HERE HERE!" if you agree. HERE HEEEEERE! So anyways, as my usual cheap self, I came up with a $10 version of it. I'm sorry Free People, it just had to be done.
You'll need:
- A necklace chain (I used an old one)
-Some bakeable modeling clay.
-Some jewelry making loopy things (see #3)
- gold spray paint (I used some I already had)
- An exacto knife (is that how you spell exacto I wonder?)
- parchment paper

1. Roll out the modeling clay on parchment paper and carve out the arrow shape above (I drew on the clay with sharpie first and then carved it out), then using a bobby pin or the exacto knife poke two holes on each side of the arrow ends (this will make it so you can attach the necklace to a chain). Then bake the arrow in the oven (still on the parchment paper) at 225 degrees for 25 minutes.
2. Let the arrow cool and then spray paint it.
3. Using the gold loops stick one loop through the holes at the top of the arrow. Do this on each side.
4. Attach the gold loops to the ends of the necklace chain. 

Bam you just saved $448, now do one of those evil laughs like you just stuck it to the man....because you did.


  1. great tutorial! that's such a cute necklace! good work on sticking it to the man! woot!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. I was, no joke, looking at this necklace like three days ago. I'm definitely making one of these this weekend!! Great tutorial.

    xoxo -

  3. I had never seen this necklace before but now I have to have one... I might actually be inspired to start dabbling in baked clay jewelry...

    LOOK WHAT YOU STARTED, SARAH! My husband is going to be so irritated with you until he sees how awesome my new bling is.

  4. Very cute!!! You are so right, that necklace is definitely not worth $458; ptsh, you know how many textbooks you could buy with that. (Oh man, it is sad how college students compare everything expensive to textbooks). Anyway, very cute DIY. :)


  5. that is awesome! it looks great!

  6. herehere! This is an awesome DIY! Great job!

    xx Vivian @

  7. Here Here!!
    that necklace is so not worth that much money and things are so much better if you make them yourself :)

  8. way to do it yourself! :) that looks awesome

  9. What a great idea! Looks awesome : )

  10. Thanks for this! I was wondering if it was possible to bake modelling clay and this answers that. Great DIY!